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Schroeder Bros. Farms, Inc.
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Reds Whites Russets
Red Norland Atlantic Russet Burbank
Dark Red Norland Snowden Russet Norkotah
  Superior Freedom Russet
  Pike Goldrush
  MegaChip Silverton
  W2324-1 Russet Norkotah Sel 8
    Russet Norkotah TX296
WI certified seed potato logo Office/Farm 715-623-2689
FAX 715-627-4857
farm @ sbfi.biz
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Schroder - Frito-Lay award
Frito-Lay presented its Seed Grower of the Year Award for 2009 to Schroeder Bros. Farms, Antigo. Pictured are (L-R) Paul Zmigrosky, FL, Chris Braun, FL, Rob and Suzie Schroeder of Schroeder Bros. Farms, Craig Leafgren, FL, Jim Cleary, FL and Al Carey, FL.
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